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Prepaid Vanilla Visa Gift Cards offer several benefits to the consumers who buy, give, and use them. Most importantly, the Vanilla Visa Gift Card functions as a flexible gift, easier and safer than cash, that can be used at any one of millions of establishments in the United States. Vanilla Visa Gift Card recipients can enjoy turning the gift toward whatever end they want. The card is accepted anywhere that accepts Visa debit cards.

A few quick guidelines make the card easy and enjoyable to use. First, although gift cards have purchases debited against their value, Vanilla Visa users should select the “credit” option on establishment keypads during a transaction, because most Vanilla Visa Gift Cards do not use a PIN, required for most debit card purchases. Vanilla Visa Gift Card shoppers should also check the balance of their card before attempting to use it, as cashiers and other shop employees will not be able to check the available funds of the card. The transaction will be declined if a Vanilla Visa Gift Card is offered as the sole payment for a transaction requiring more funds than are remaining.

Vanilla Visa Gift Cards are non-reloadable but can be used with other forms of payment to complete large transactions that the card would not be able to accommodate on its own. In order to do this, shoppers and restaurant diners merely need to specify to the cashier that they would like to split the bill between several sources. A Vanilla Visa Gift Card can be used to cover any amount up to its total balance, and another credit card, debit card, or cash can be used to cover the rest of the charge, if allowed by the establishment.

Because of built-in security protocols, a Vanilla Visa Gift Card is more secure than a simple gift of cash. The recipient of the card should make sure to write down the serial number of their card immediately, so that they can quickly access their account if the card itself is lost or stolen. Vanilla Visa Gift Card users should also sign the back of their card, as this provides increased protection for the funds of their gift card.

Another offering from Vanilla, the dedicated Reward Card, has the same protection and the same reliability as the company’s Gift Card. Vanilla Visa Reward Cards are prepaid, and they can be registered at for an even greater level of security. Both Vanilla cards have no maintenance fees for the first six months.

Vanilla Visa

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